Amino acids are the building blocks of life, the constituents of all protein and the foundation of all Vymedic products. Proteins are chains of various amino acids that form every cell, gene, organ, muscle and enzyme in our body.  Amino Acids are instrumental in powering the immune system. They also play an important role in supporting joint, muscle and tissue health. With a growing body of clinical evidence on amino acids’ critical role in supporting the natural processes for maintaining and renewing human health, amino acids offer an exciting new frontier in the pursuit of vital health.

Amino Acids are important elements in many current medical treatments and in clinical applications. N-acetyl cysteine, a powerful detoxifier is used in the ER for drug overdose. Tyrosine helps drug and alcohol abusers kick the habit. Taurine is a seizure fighter. Histidine is a promising therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and Carnitine is showing promise in treating atherosclerosis.

Vymedic technology is driven by breakthrough amino acid metabolic research. Using symbiotic amino acids powered by specific organic co-factors, Vymedic science enables targeted metabolic conversions to support wellness and maintain health.

“If a drug can be found to do the job of medical healing, a nutrient can be found to do the same job.” Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., PhD.
“Amino Acids offer a new dimension in the fight against disease.” Dr. Eric Braverman, M.D.

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